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~Family Raised & Loved~

Sherwood Park, Alberta 


"She is the greatest dog. She has the best disposition"

"We can't believe how smart she is!!!"....

"We are amazed. She 'sits', 'fetches' and loves the paddle boards and was surfing today too."

"We just love our bear"

"He house trained very easily. Will shake both paws separately. If we shoot him with our finger he will lay down and be dead. Such a smartie." 


What is a Whoodle???

A whoodle is the mix between a poodle and a soft coated wheaten terrier. Whoodles can vary in size depending on the characteristics of the poodle (i.e. medium/moyen, standard). 

In our very biased opinion, a cross breed pup doesn't get much better than the whoodle. A whoodle combines the sought after intelligence and hypoallergenic coat of the poodle with the affectionate nature and energetic personality of the wheaten terrier. This breed LOVES people and attention and has proven to be extremely intelligent and easy to train. 

Here are some characteristics of the whoodle that make it so popular:


SIZE: 25 - 45 lbs / 16" - 20" in height

COAT: Varies from curly to fluffy depending on which parent the pup favours. It is very common for coat to change colour with maturity. (Refer to pics in our Gallery to see how a coat changed from black to brown as the pup grew) Requires upkeep as both the poodle and wheaten have fine hair and can tangle easily

SHEDDING: This blend is pretty much 100% non-shedding, both the wheaten and poodle are non-shedding breeds

ALLERGIES: Hypoallergenic; both the wheaten terrier and the poodle are hypoallergenic making this mix great for allergy sufferers

GOOD WITH KIDS: Wonderful with children of all ages. Wheatens are very affectionate and soft-natured which nicely compliments the poodle's reliable, intelligent disposition. Mixing the two traits makes for a superb family-friendly pup you find in the whoodle

GOOD WITH PETS: Excellent ability to get along with other animals, be it dogs or cats, because of their easygoing nature

ACTIVITY LEVEL: Need regular exercise / keep up well with an active lifestyle

TRAINING: Easy to train as this breed is extremely smart (poodle is known for being the smartest breed of dog) and eager to please. For some tips and advise we offer from experience, check out Whoodle Care 

BARKING: Not big barkers, only if surprised or excited

APARTMENT LIFESTYLE: Excellent for apartment life with regular walks

OUTDOORS: They do great outdoors just need an area for colder weather

HEALTH CONCERNS: Hip dysplasia, Addison's disease, retinol atrophy, thyroid issues & ear infections (can be prevented by regular trimming and cleaning). In many cases, crossbred dogs are less likely to develop congenital conditions because the gene pool is much larger

LIFE SPAN: Approx. 12-15 years

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